7.30 Bookclub initially began as minutes of a bookclub’s monthly meeting, and morphed into a personal log in 2013.

Jan the editor of the blog is a New Zealander and former librarian. The content of the blog is reflective of her personal, often eclectic, reading tastes. She favours books by women writers and is partial to psychological thrillers, biography, paced human relationship stories, and narratives of place.

For Jan reading has been a lifetime passion. She credits Laura Ingalls Wilder’s On the Banks of Plum Creek as the book that initially stirred her young appetite for story.

She enjoys travel and learning new things. Her blog readership has come from across the world with a strong following in New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.


Jan at Penitents’ Chapel, Les Baux-de-Provence, France

Rating Scale

Jan changed her rating system for her picks in October 2022, providing a narrower scale to ensure greater clarity for blog readers as to her choices.

5 Points. Excellent. Highly recommended.

4 Points. Very good but slightly missed the mark.

3 Points. OK read but with weaknesses.

2 Points. Read but did not enjoy.