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Cameron, Kirsty (2010) Kiwi Bach Companion.  Random House.  Tells you how to enjoy this kiwi icon from fixing a leaking tap to filleting a fish. It helps you brush up on your angling technique and fishing rules, identify shells and shorebirds and become an expert on the night sky. It circumvents rainy-day boredom by supplying the rules to a range of games. It dispenses first-aid advice: if the jellyfish sting there’s no need to panic.

Dupich, Dominique (2010) Living with Books.  Thames & Hudson.  A tour of the home libraries of some of the top names in the worlds of art, design and fashion. Lavish, specially taken photographs of each library, accompanied by descriptive commentary, provide an excellent reference for anyone seeking design ideas.

Ang, Tom (2010) The complete photographer.  Dorling Kindersley. Encourages photographers to explore every discipline and experiment with different approaches, to hone their skills, and find their own personal style. Unlike other books, which tend to cover the principles of photography in a general way

Pickford, Peter (2008) African Safari into the Great Game Reserves. Beaufoy. Divided into eight chapters: South Africa (Kruger & the Kgalagadi), Namibia (Etosha, Damaraland and Kaokaland), Botswana (Okavango, Chobe, and Linyanti), Zimbabwe (Mana Pools and the Zambezi),  Zambia (North and South Luangwa), Tanzania (Ngorongoro and the Serengeti), Kenya (Masai Mara, Amboseli, and Tsavo), and Rwanda & Uganda (Parc des Volcans and Mgahinga)

Seeling, Charlotte (2010) Fashion: 150 years of couturiers, designers, labels. Ullmann.  This book is devoted to the legendary world of fashion, from its origins in the late nineteenth century to the present. Which social, historical, and cultural developments coalesced to allow fashion to become what it is today? Which designers had especially significant impact on their fashion era with extensive portraits of the ground-breaking fashion icons and countless expressive photographs?

Oakley Smith, Mitchell (2010) Fashion: Australian and New Zealand Designers.  Thames & Hudson.  Australian and New Zealand fashion designers have become increasingly recognized and admired in the international arena. Fashion documents the countries’ current key players, showcasing the work of 70 leading antipodean designers of women’s and men’s fashion.

Hicks, Ashley (2009) David Hicks: my kind of garden. Garden Art Press. The late David Hicks was one of the foremost designers of the 20th century whose gardening commissions were worldwide. This new edition of his timeless classic, with a fresh new layout, superbly displays some of his best garden designs.

Lammerting, Kristen (2010) Inspirational gardens of New Zealand.  Penguin.  The author travelled the length of New Zealand with photographer Ferdinand von Luckner to explore gardens and talk to garden owners about the source of their inspiration. The styles of the gardens selected are very diverse, from opulent landscaping in a traditional style to cutting-edge minimalism. Just as varied as the styles is the diversity of plants on display.

Knights, Genevieve (2010) Pavlova.  Bateman. The history of pavlova, provided with numerous tips and tricks to achieve the best results, followed by 50 recipes. Each has its own introduction, recipe page and full colour photograph. The recipes are divided into four main sections – cakes, miniatures, rolls and an innovative section where the author comes up with some very unique twists.

Trutter, Marion (ed) (2008) Culinaria Spain: Country, Cuisine, Culture. Ullmann.  The Culinaria series  reports on every aspect of a country’s cuisine within the context of the people who created it. Well illustrated and peppered with authentic recipes.

Recipes from an Italian summer (2010)   Phaidon.  Newly collected recipes from The Silver Spoon Kitchen.  Presents a range of easy-to-follow, authentic Italian recipes using the most delicious seasonal ingredients. From informal picnics to family barbecues and entertaining outdoors.

Blumenthal, Heston (2008) The Fat Duck Cookbook.  Bloomsbury.  The full story of the meteoric rise of Heston Blumenthal and The Fat Duck, birthplace of snail porridge and bacon-and-egg ice cream, and encounter the passion, perfection and weird science behind the man and the restaurant. Winner of the Guild of Food Writers Food Book of the Year.

NZ Bed and Breakfast Book 2011 (2010).  Eight hundred listings.

New Zealand Art from Cook to Contemporary (2010) .  Te Papa. Iconic New Zealand works from artists like Goldie, McCahon, Angus, Hotere and Cotton, sit alongside lesser-known treasures. From the historical to the cutting edge — this is the definitive, accessible sampler of New Zealand art and artists.

Collins, Ben (2010) The man in the white suit: The Stig, Le Mans, The Fast Lane and Me.  Harper Collins.   Top Gear‘s the White Stig tells all about life inside the iconic white helmet.

Mason, Nick (2010) Passion for speed.  Sterling. Car enthusiast Nick Mason, of Pink Floyd fame, has opened his garage to test driver Mark Hales and together they indulge in the ultimate driving experience. Mason provides a brief account of each car’s history along with technical details and personal anecdotes. Coupled with the roar of the engines-recorded on the bonus CD.

Leney, David and David Macdonald (2010) Concorde: Owners Workshop Manual. Haynes.  Written by two of British Airways’ most experienced Concorde flight crew, the Concorde Manual is the latest aircraft manual from Haynes, following on from the acclaim received by the Spitfire Manual. Concentrating on the technical and engineering aspects of Concorde, this manual gives insights into owning, operating, servicing and flying the supersonic airliner.

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