Our Top Reads for 2010

1.  Verghese, Abraham (2009) Cutting for Stone (May Picks)

2.  Agassi, Andre (2009) Open (April Picks)

3 = Stockett, Kathryn (2009)  The Help (July Picks)

3 = Mawer, Simon (2009) The Glass Room (August Picks)


Lewycka, Marina (2010)  We are all made of glue (August Picks)

Mitchell, David (2010) The thousand autumns of David de Zoet (August Picks)

Silvey, Craig (2009) Jasper Jones (Jan’s Pick of the Month – April)

Simonson, Helen (2010)  Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand (May Picks)

Walker, Martin (2010) Bruno Chief of Police (June Picks)

Wood, Patricia (2007) Lottery (July Picks)

Zusak, Markus (2008) The Book Thief (April Picks)

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