May Picks

Jan's been reading: Forster,Margaret (2010) Isa & May.  Chatto & Windus.  Isamay, a would-be academic and mother-to-be, is writing her MA thesis about grandmothers in history - from Sarah Bernhardt and Queen Victoria, to other influential grandmothers - whilst constantly being ambushed by her own grandmothers and family history and secrets.  Engaging and unusual story… Continue reading May Picks

Recommendations from Wisconsin

Genova, Lisa (2009)  Still Alice. Penguin. Alice Howland is a cognitive psychology professor at Harvard and a world-renowned expert in linguistics, with grown children and a satisfying marriage. When she starts to experience fleeting forgetfulness and disorientation, she initially attributes these episodes to normal aging or menopause. But as her symptoms worsen, she decides to see a neurologist and is… Continue reading Recommendations from Wisconsin

Recommendations from Wisconsin Jan (her Bookclub’s favourites)

Walls, Jeanette (2009 ) Half-broke horses. Simon & Schuster. A debut novel based on the extraordinary life of Jeannette Walls' maternal grandmother - a sassy, straight-talking heroine for whom saving lives, taming wild horses and beating ranch hands at poker are all in a day's work.  Glass Castle, a memoir of Jeanette's childhood, is also a… Continue reading Recommendations from Wisconsin Jan (her Bookclub’s favourites)