2011 Most Highly Recommended Reads

        Waal, Edmund (2011) The Hare with the amber eyes.  Vintage.  September Picks. Recommended by Lynn and Roz. Nicholls, David (2009) One Day. Hodder & Stoughton. February Picks. Recommended by Roz and Jan. Brooks, Geraldine (2011) Caleb’s Crossing.  Fourth Estate.  June Picks.  Recommended by Jenny and Jan. Grimshaw, Charlotte (2011) Singularity. Random. July Picks.  Recommended by… Continue reading 2011 Most Highly Recommended Reads

December Picks

Jan's been reading: Serba, Anne (2011) That woman: The life of Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor.  Weidenfeld & Nicolson.  Anne Sebba attempts to understand this fascinating and enigmatic American divorcee who nearly became Queen of England.  Referred to as 'That woman' by the Queen Mother, and accused of being  a spy, a witch, and a whore, she has… Continue reading December Picks

June Picks

Jan's been reading: Brooks, Geraldine (1999) Foreign Correspondence: a memoir.  Bantam. Born in Sydney's western suburbs Geraldine Brooks longs to discover the vivid places, beyond her isolated backyard, where she believed history and culture are made. Penfriends in Australia, the Middle East, US, and France offer her a window on the world.  Twenty years later, and… Continue reading June Picks