December Picks

Koch, Herman (2014) Summer House with Swimming Pool (Translated from the Dutch). Hogarth.  GP, Dr Marc Sclosser has a healthy disregard for this high-profile patients, that is until famous actor Ralph Meier demands his attention and winds up dead. It all started the previous summer when Marc and his family were invited to spend a week at… Continue reading December Picks

Best Picks 2014

Although I read many great books in 2014 the following are my personal top 10 picks of the year: 1. Chang, Jung (2013) Empress Dowager Cixi; the concubine who launched modern China.  Cape.  Empress Dowager Cixi (1835-1908) brought China into the modern age. Fascinating in its detail. Jan's Holiday Reads - January 2014. 2.  Koch, Herman (2014) Summer House with Swimming Pool (Translated from the… Continue reading Best Picks 2014

November Picks

Johnson, Stephanie (2013) The Writing Class. Vintage.  Merle is an author who also teachers a Creative Writing class.  Merle mentors the aspirations of her students in their final semester, as they prepare to submit their manuscripts.  Amidst this tension and drama Merle observes the romantic entanglement of her colleague, worries about her husband's downward spiral, and is drawn to… Continue reading November Picks

July Picks

Levin, Gabrielle (2014) The Collected Works of A.J. Fikry.  Little Brown.  A.J.'s life is a train-wreck; his wife has died tragically, his quirky bookshop is failing and his rare first edition has been stolen.  Into his life comes unexpected love - baby Maya, left at A.J.'s bookshop, and eclectic book rep Amelia.  This delightful story of… Continue reading July Picks