July Picks

Kay, Elizabeth (2020) Seven Lies. Sphere. Jane and Marnie are best friends. They have been simpatico since they were eleven years old. They both fall in love and get married, but Jane's marriage ends in tragedy, whilst Marnie is happily married to a man Jane hates. Charles is loud and obnoxious but when Jane gets… Continue reading July Picks

June Picks

Jenner, Natalie (2020) The Jane Austen Society. Orion Books.  A few months after the end of WW2 Jane Austen's cherished home in Chawton, Hampshire, comes under threat. A disparate group of village Janeites come together to form a society to preserve Jane's home and legacy, each with their own story of loss and trauma. As new friendships… Continue reading June Picks

May Picks

Redmond, Lissa Marie (2020) A Full Cold Moon. Severn House. Buffalo NY cold case, now homicide, detective Lauren Riley is called to the brutal murder of a young Icelandic man under a full cold moon. Gunnar had traveled to the US to meet his biological father but as Lauren begins her investigation the Icelandic authorities, and… Continue reading May Picks

April Picks

McTiernan, Dervla (2020) The Good Turn. Police corruption in Ireland's gardai is the central theme of this new Detective Cormac Reilly story. Reilly faces enemies at work and his colleague, Garda Peter Fisher, is banished back to his father's patch in the small seaside village of Roundstone, with the threat of prosecution hanging over his… Continue reading April Picks

March Picks

Lodge, Gytha (2020) Watching from the Dark. M. Joseph. As Zoe is murdered her boyfriend Aidan is listening on Skype. Although he is desperate to report what he heard he is fearful of engaging with the police. DCI Jonah Sheens (in his second outing) and his team take on the case. What is the motive?… Continue reading March Picks

February Picks

Donoghue, Emma (2019) Akin. Picador.  Noah is only days away from a long planned 80th birthday trip to his birth city of Nice, when a social worker calls. Noah is obliged to take temporary care of Michael, his eleven year old great-nephew, whom he has never met. The mismatched pair travel to Nice. As Noah tells… Continue reading February Picks

January Picks

Sveistrup, Soren (2019) The Chestnut Man. M. Joseph. An atmospheric Danish police procedural and thriller, by the writer of the TV series The Killing. The brutal murders of young mothers, with missing appendages (hands and feet), and a chestnut doll, bring young detective Naia Thulin and her world-weary partner Mark Hess onto the case. It… Continue reading January Picks

December Picks

Kwok, Jean (2019) Searching for Sylvie Lee. Morrow. Golden girl Sylvie, flies to the Netherlands to visit her dying Grandmother, and then goes missing. Her distraught younger sister Amy sets off in search of her sister, retracing her movements and revealing long-hidden family secrets. At the heart of the mystery is Sylvie's upbringing, raised until… Continue reading December Picks

Best Picks 2019

When it comes to choosing my best books it always comes down to story - what gets me thinking, keeps resonating, encourages me to share continually, and sometimes gets my heart racing.  2019's top ten reads do just that. Enjoy! 1. Macfarlane, Robert (2019). Underland: A Deep Time Journey. A truly epic human journey into… Continue reading Best Picks 2019

November Picks

Dukess, Karen (2019) The Last Book Party. H. Holt. A coming-of-age tale of Eve, a young woman with floundering literary ambitions, struggling to find her voice. During a Cape Cod summer Eve jumps at the chance to work as an assistant for famed New Yorker writer Henry Grey, only to discover that the literary world she… Continue reading November Picks