June Picks

Halson, Penrose (2016) Marriages are made in Bond Street: True stories from a 1940s Marriage Bureau. Macmillan. Before Tinder, and sex-before-marriage, there was marriage and match-making. Mary Oliver and Heather Jenner set up the Marriage Bureau in the late 1930s on London's Bond Street and clients from all walks of life soon started queuing.  They devised their own esoteric formula… Continue reading June Picks

May Picks

Graham, Lauren (2016) Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between). Ballantine Books. As an intrepid fan of the Gilmore Girls I waited with great anticipation for the Netflix 2016 reboot Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (even got a Netflix subscription so I could view!). Lauren's (Lorelei) mémoire on growing up, her… Continue reading May Picks

April Picks

Hamilton, Alwyn (2017) Traitor to the Throne. Faber & Faber. In the second instalment of Hamilton's Rebel of the Sands saga Demdji-girl Amani is kidnapped and held prisoner in the Sultan's Palace.  Here she is forced to return to her desert cunning in her attempt to bring the tyrant down. As the quest to liberate Miraji continues the complex… Continue reading April Picks

March Picks

Aveyard, Victoria (2017) King's Cage. Harper. In the third instalment of Aveyard's Red Queen series we find our heroine Mare Barrow a prisoner, without her lightening, living at the mercy of a king she once loved. As Mare bears the weight of the Silent Stone the rebellion continues, blood vs blood, ability vs ability, allegiances tested on every… Continue reading March Picks

Best Picks 2015

As an eclectic reader I read whatever takes my fancy. The following are my personal top 10 picks of 2015: 1. Wilder, Laura Ingalls (2014) Pioneer Girl: The annotated autobiography. South Dakota Historical Society Press. Pioneer Girl was the foundation for Wilder’s fictional world. This volume inclusive of primary sources provides new insights into Wilder’s life and times. Remarkable.  March Picks 2015. 2. Tyler, Anne… Continue reading Best Picks 2015

November Picks

Xinran (2015) Buy me the Sky: The remarkable truth of China's one-child generation. Rider. The first generation of Chinese children raised under China's one-child policy has reached adulthood. In her interviews with young people Xinran found a generation adrift. Her observations paint a poignant portrait of one-and-onlies adjusting to independence and loneliness, cultural and political shift, western influence, and the dynamics of… Continue reading November Picks

September-October Picks

De Goldi, Kate (2015) From the Cutting Room of Barney Kettle. Longacre. 12-year-old Barney Kettle was a 'megalomaniac' when it came to filmmaking. Global fame was his ultimate goal. He had already made four 15-minute films, with his sister Ren, when one summer holidays he began a documentary of life in High Street, the street where he lived.  The story is… Continue reading September-October Picks