7.30 Bookclub Books of the Year 2012






Isaacson, Walter (2011) Steve Jobs. Little Brown. (reviewed February 2012). An extraordinary and inspiring read;  this masterly biography is filled with learnings about innovation, imagination, character, values and leadership.  Highly recommended.


De Goldi, Kate (2012) The ACB with Honora Lee. Longacre (reviewed November 2012).  De Goldi creates wonderful links between young and old in this warm and charming little story about dementia.  Beautifully designed and packaged.

Mantel, Hilary (2012) Bring up the bodies. Fourth Estate. (reviewed July 2012). At Wolf Hall Henry VIII  becomes enchanted by the plain, Jane Seymour,  which threatens not only England but the career of Thomas Cromwell himself.  Gripping

Nesbo, Jo (2011) The Snowman. Knopf. (reviewed May 2012). Harry Hole becomes a pawn in an increasingly terrifying game whose rules are devised, and constantly revised, by the killer. Grilling; great plot.

Honourable Mentions:

Harding, Georgina (2012) The Painter of Silence. Bloomsbury (reviewed September 2012)

Twohig, Peter (2012) The Cartographer. HarperCollins.  (reviewed April 2012)

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