7.30 Bookclub Books of the Year 2012

BOOK OF THE YEAR Isaacson, Walter (2011) Steve Jobs. Little Brown. (reviewed February 2012). An extraordinary and inspiring read;  this masterly biography is filled with learnings about innovation, imagination, character, values and leadership.  Highly recommended. SHORT-LIST De Goldi, Kate (2012) The ACB with Honora Lee. Longacre (reviewed November 2012).  De Goldi creates wonderful links between young and old in this warm… Continue reading 7.30 Bookclub Books of the Year 2012

November Picks

Jan's been reading: De Goldi, Kate (2012) The ACB with Honora Lee.  Longacre.  Nine-year old Perry's parents are busy people, and they seek to keep their only child Perry busy too.  But Perry has a plan; she is making an alphabet book for everyone at Santa Lucia.  At Santa Lucia lives her grandmother Honora Lee… Continue reading November Picks

May Picks

Carol's been reading: Scott, Robert Falcon (2012) The last expedition; introduction by Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Vintage. Captain Scott's expedition pitted him and his team not only against the elements, but also against the Norwegian explorer, Amundsen. Ultimately, Scott was beaten by both. This title provides an account of his expedition to the South Pole in 1910-12.  A… Continue reading May Picks

Visitor Recommendations

Judith Recommends: Green, Jonathan (2010) Murder in the high Himalayas. Public Affairs.  Award-winning author and journalist accounts the politics of high-altitude guiding, through the story of the brutal killing of Kelsang Namtso, a seventeen-year-old Tibetan nun fleeing to India, by Chinese border guards. Witnessed by dozens of Western climbers, Kelsang’s death sparked an international debate… Continue reading Visitor Recommendations