Best Picks 2020

Stories have been at the heart of my Covid year. Stories have kept me sane and cheerful in a world that has changed, maybe forever. When choosing my top reading picks for 2020 I have chosen memorable books that have challenged my thinking and put me in my happy reading place. Enjoy!

  1. Kassabova, Kapka (2020) To The Lake: A Balkan Journey of War and Peace. A truly magical and lyrical journey into the turbulent South Balkans landscape with its imprint of unforgettable human narratives. September 2020 Picks.
  2. Strout, Elizabeth (2019) Olive, Again. Meticulously observed and uncompromisingly linked stories that witness the finer nuances of grief, loneliness and ageing. January 2020 Picks.
  3. Broom, Sarah M (2019) The Yellow House. This stunning memoir of a multigenerational large black family, a beloved house, and Hurricane Katrina, is a work of great cadence. April 2020 Picks.
  4. Farrow, Ronan (2019) Catch and Kill: Lies, spies and a conspiracy to protect predators. This scrupulously documented piece of investigative journalism on harassment and other sexual transgressions, has the pace of a thriller, but is handled with great empathy. June 2020 Picks.
  5. O’Farrell, Maggie (2020) Hamnet. A profoundly moving reimagined portrait of the life of the son, the wife, and the family of an unnamed, but largely absent, famous English playwright. November 2020 Picks.
  6. Dalrymple, William (2019) The Anarchy: The Relentless Rise of the East India Company. A compelling history of the militarised conquest of India by a ruthless corporation who looted resources, destroyed dynasties, ruled 100 million people and upended the trading world. May 2020 Picks.
  7. Marshall, Owen (2019) Pearly Gates. A dryly observed tale of a flawed small provincial town mayor who becomes increasingly aware that not everything is ‘peachy’ in his life. June 2020 Picks.
  8. French, Tana (2020) The Searcher. This slowly paced character-driven mystery, where an outsider seeks to build a new life amongst morally ambiguous townspeople, has plenty of depth and pathos. October 2020 Picks.
  9. Galbraith, Robert (2020) Troubled Blood. This brutally twisted epic page-turner, featuring Cormoran Strike, Robin Ellacott and a complex cold care, is beautifully invented in the best JK Rowling storytelling tradition. December 2020 Picks.
  10. Schaitkin, Alexis (2020) Saint X. A brilliantly haunting and original “true crime” story of grief and obsession that is much more than a mystery. March 2020 Picks.

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