April Picks

Hamilton, Alwyn (2017) Traitor to the Throne. Faber & Faber. In the second instalment of Hamilton's Rebel of the Sands saga Demdji-girl Amani is kidnapped and held prisoner in the Sultan's Palace.  Here she is forced to return to her desert cunning in her attempt to bring the tyrant down. As the quest to liberate Miraji continues the complex… Continue reading April Picks

March Picks

Aveyard, Victoria (2017) King's Cage. Harper. In the third instalment of Aveyard's Red Queen series we find our heroine Mare Barrow a prisoner, without her lightening, living at the mercy of a king she once loved. As Mare bears the weight of the Silent Stone the rebellion continues, blood vs blood, ability vs ability, allegiances tested on every… Continue reading March Picks

January Picks

Cranston, Bryan (2016) A life in parts. Scribner. In this engaging memoir Bryan Cranston explores the many parts he has played in his life - from abandoned son, paperboy, farmhand, dockhand, jobbing actor to gifted storyteller and much lauded "star". He has applied life's learnings to shaping his craft and building a career. In the account of his most memorable role,… Continue reading January Picks