January Picks

Case, Anne & Angus Deaton (2020) Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism. Princeton UP. In the US in the past two decades deaths of despair from suicide, drug overdose, and alcoholism have risen, especially amongst those who lack bachelor’s degrees. Case and Deaton shed some light on the economic and social forces that… Continue reading January Picks

December Picks

Kwok, Jean (2019) Searching for Sylvie Lee. Morrow. Golden girl Sylvie, flies to the Netherlands to visit her dying Grandmother, and then goes missing. Her distraught younger sister Amy sets off in search of her sister, retracing her movements and revealing long-hidden family secrets. At the heart of the mystery is Sylvie's upbringing, raised until… Continue reading December Picks

Best Picks 2018

As a big reader of fiction I am always surprised that when I come to do this annual summary of the year's best reads that the most memorable titles are always non-fiction.  I am pleased to present my best picks for 2018. Enjoy! 1. Kassabova, Kapka (2017) Border: A Journey to the Edge of Europe. Breathtaking… Continue reading Best Picks 2018

Best Picks 2015

As an eclectic reader I read whatever takes my fancy. The following are my personal top 10 picks of 2015: 1. Wilder, Laura Ingalls (2014) Pioneer Girl: The annotated autobiography. South Dakota Historical Society Press. Pioneer Girl was the foundation for Wilder’s fictional world. This volume inclusive of primary sources provides new insights into Wilder’s life and times. Remarkable.  March Picks 2015. 2. Tyler, Anne… Continue reading Best Picks 2015

Jan’s Holiday Reads – January 2015

Koch, Herman (2012) The Dinner, translated from the Dutch by Sam Garrett. Atlantic.  Brothers Paul and Serge Lohman, and their wives Claire and Babette, meet at a fashionable Amsterdam restaurant to discuss their 15 year-old sons. Initially the conversation is banal and trivial, but slowly as the dinner reaches its culinary climax the horror of… Continue reading Jan’s Holiday Reads – January 2015